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Version 108.0

Release date

3rd October 2018


There is now an admin screen for setting password complexity requirements, Expiry time, allowable login attempts etc. (available from Administration -> General -> Security).

When uploading credit card statements for single users there is now the option to just assign that statement to the relevant user without having to use the Match screen.

There is now an option to go straight to the batch payments screen from the expense team claim list.

Improvements to speed when creating and editing claims where the account currency is different to the users base currency.

Bug fixes

Fixed bug on entertainment attendees list which caused the 'none selected' entry to show multiple times.

Fixed issue with modal pop-ups for country, currency and VAT rate selection which caused them not to display in Internet Explorer.

Fixed issue where using the magnifying glass to search for a manager on a users profile showed all users instead of just those with Expenses/Manager access level.

Fixed bug where additional people option was not showing when creating a claim through Credit Card reconciliation.

Fixed issue where the user search was not working on Entertainment claim lines.

Fixed issue that made it possible to add claim lines to a submitted claim.

Fixed issue where the reference field showed when viewing claim details even if the reference was switched off for the category.

Fixed issue where the link back to the claim from the email advising the claim had been paid was incomplete.

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